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NOS4A2 – Mrazivý bestseller pre AMC Networks

Porota Zlatého středníka 2020 nás ocenila aj hodnotením TOP rated v kategórii zapojenie influencera a celebrity za kampaň NOS4A2 – Mrazivý bestseller pre AMC Networks.
Klient: AMC Networks
Agentúry: PR Clinic

Background and objective

The series NOS4A2, a horror novelty produced by AMC, promised to be a chilling experience. The campaign itself, which we approached unconventionally, delivered just that. The elite youtuber Expl0ited with his nearly one million followers got what he had been dreaming of for a long time – maximum creative freedom.

And he used it to the fullest.

Main challenge

He spent the best 24 hours of his life thanks to a production budget that resulted in innovative and literally groundbreaking content, breaking viewership and popularity records.

We thus proved that the balance between YouTuber content and commercial product information is the key to a successful campaign, but it is also the most difficult to achieve. In this case, however, it turned out perfectly.

Overall results

The campaign generated a huge response and very positive reviews, with a total reach of over 1.6 million. Despite a limited budget of nearly 7,900 euros, we were able to generate truly unrivalled content on social media.

The video reached 100,000 views in a record two hours of release, with over 250,000 views in 24 hours (and over 550,000 in total).

Expl0ited additionally kick-started the use of a mobile app that turned any horror enthusiast into NOS4A2’s terrifying protagonist, Charlie Manx, in a second.

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