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Kód, ktorý zachraňuje život

V rámci prestížnej celosvetovej súťaže Sabre Awards 2020 sme získali shortlist za kampaň Kód, ktorý zachraňuje život pre klienta Siemens Healthineers.
Klient: Siemens Healthineers
Agentúry: PR Clinic

Background and objective

Because of an acute shortage of IT professionals in Slovakia, companies are bidding to attract the best – both in terms of salary and generic benefits (home office, sick days, team buildings). Siemens, however, offers much more – a job with a higher mission and visible results. A code that saves lives around the world. To underline this fact, we needed an authority from the programming community to convey the specific atmosphere first-hand and highlight interesting people in the field. We found it in Roman Hraško, known as Yablko.

Main challenge

We prepared a series of videos that authentically captured the atmosphere in Bratislava, Žilina and Košice. In them, Yablko interviewed typologically different “Siemens people” and presented the informal environment and mood that prevails in the company.

A special chapter also involved videos dedicated to the unique testing laboratory and the use of artificial intelligence from Slovak keyboards in medicine.

Communication was directed to a page where applicants could find complete information about the company and available positions.

Overall results

The videos were a huge success, and the more than 250,000 views with 97.3 percent positive ratings (in the form of thumbs up or down) exceeded our expectations.

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