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Šariš Ejl, but our way

We enjoyed our second-place finish at Zlatý středník 2020 in the Launch, Relaunch and Rebranding category for the Šariš Ejl, but our way campaign for the client Šariš.

Background and objective

Šariš busted the myth that only a craft brewery can brew a quality beer special. They came up with a novelty inspired by ALE beer. We have also transformed the connection between the UK and Slovakia into a campaign with the leitmotif that our people can take a foreign concept and do it “our way.”

Consumers were surprised by the symbol of the monarchy – Queen Elizabeth - on the streets of Bratislava, who came there with the sole purpose of baptizing Šariš Ejl.

The unconventional guerrilla campaign aroused enormous public interest – locals and tourists alike took pictures of the Queen’s double and sent tips to the editorial offices. The media immediately seized on the sensational news and issued reports shrouded in a veil of secrecy.

Main challenge

The product goal was to enrich and modernize the brand’s portfolio and attract new and young consumers. We therefore faced several challenges. One was to remove the label of Šariš as the beer of the “East” and to give Ejl nationwide potential. This required the playful education of people in the field of beer specials. Alongside the original English recipe, we needed to highlight the “Slovakness” of the product, but not succumb to the trend of returning to tradition, which the market is oversaturated with.

Overall results

With a budget of around 12,000 euros, we managed to appeal to a younger audience in a funny and unconventional way and to generate (not only) media interest in the product. With dozens of outputs reaching over one million, we confirmed the brand’s nationwide potential.

In addition, Šariš Ejl became the most successful and best-selling new product launched in 2019 in the beer specials segment.

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