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Birell is Truly Non-Alcoholic

We were shortlisted in the B2C category for our Birell is Truly Non-Alcoholic campaign for the Birell brand at the 9th annual PROKOP 2018 national PR project competition.
Client: Birell
Agencies: PR Clinic

Background and objective

The debate about whether non-alcoholic beer is really non-alcoholic has been a lively one for a while now. Moreover, a fierce battle between the main competitors, Birell and Zlatý Bažant, was unleashed in the crucial summer period. Drivers, unnerved by conflicting information from the media and social networks, often opted for a different drink - just to avoid blowing above the limit on the breathalyzer and losing their license.

Our task was therefore to convince and reassure them that even with Birell, which contains 0.5 percent alcohol, they will certainly not become intoxicated.

Main challenge

As summer links the motoring season with the period of the highest consumption of non-alcoholic beer, it was clear to us that the police would soon pick up the topic. With Birell, we expected it, so we had an expert opinion prepared by forensic expert Ľubomír Straka in addition to the “Yes, of course” advertising campaign. It proved that it is OK to drink Birell before driving and that it is paradoxically even less dangerous than, for example, toasted bread.

Overall results

By getting the key message out to virtually all relevant news, lifestyle and motoring media and straying into the neighbouring Czech Republic (Blesk and Nova), we dominated the gateway to the non-alcoholic drink segment. The Birell brand appeared in more than 60 percent of all media outputs — nearly 70. Their estimated reach was more than 1.3 million. We did not invest a single euro in media coverage.

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