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Every Love is Love

We received a TOP rating in the Zlatý středník 2021 competition in the Structure, Content and Storytelling category for the campaign Every Love is Love for the client ABSOLUT.
Agencies: PR Clinic

Background and objective

With this campaign, we sought to help build a more tolerant and open world in xenophobic and homophobic Slovakia.

Main challenge

We were not afraid to raise the issue of prejudice against the LGBT community or relationships with people of color, because love is an emotion that we all experience equally. That is why we connected the campaign with the most famous hymn about love, also known from weddings, to which the more “traditional” part of Slovakia reacted. For the first time, we also put the spot on television, bringing the theme of open love to an even wider audience.

The confrontation of the older generation with a hypothetical situation that could occur in their family was particularly strong.

We wanted to effectively build on previous campaigns, building a brand image that had clear values and reinforcing attributes such as brand awareness, top-of-mind and a drink fit for a party, which we successfully achieved through a series of PR and social media activities. Thanks to the personal story of singer Jakub Pružinský and the influencer activity “Would you love me if...” (I was gay/lesbian/had a boyfriend/girlfriend of a different skin color...), we showed that this can really concern everyone.

Overall results

On social media, we achieved an 80% reach of the target audience (young people ages 18 to 35) at a frequency greater than 6.9, representing approximately 1.1 million people. Through the channels of influencers such as Dominika Mirgová, Strapo or Frlajs, we generated a reach of almost half a million.

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