Media Relations

Whoever does not have good relations with the media, can be only a short-term winner. PR Clinic knows that detailed knowledge of the market and the who-is-who in the media world is the alpha and omega of success. Our goal is to set up for our clients positive relations with the media, which will be functioning on a bilateral long-term basis.

Strategic Consulting

In a highly competitive market, quality communication strategy can decide about who is going to become its leader. It is therefore important to set, rather than to follow the discussion topics. Our long-term experience helps us in designing strategies aimed to overcome the limits of communication disciplines and ensure our clients a win in their game.

Crisis Communication

Silence is gold, speaking is silver? In the world of media, it is not always the case. Especially when your organization gets into a crisis situation. Whoever has experienced it knows already how negative publicity can damage a good reputation built over the years, stability and also the company’s business as such. Do not let yourselves get on the ground, fight.
Hire professionals.

B2B-B2C-B2E Communication

Picking violets with dynamite is not necessary. All you need to do is to pluck them. Each situation in your business requires a specific approach and a massive media intervention is not always a must. And since nowadays communication is more complex than any time before, it requires a direct targeting at a precise time. You can deliver the correct message at a correct time to your business partners, customers or employees only if your agency has a deep understanding of your goals.

Corporate Communication and Brand PR

Size matters and natural leaders are our natural partners. Corporate communication is our number one specialization regardless of the sector. From strategic consulting through complete outsourcing of the PR agenda up to the executive level. Always just what you need and always with a clear vision of the objective.

Reputational Management (Offline and Online)

Character is what you are and reputation is what the environment thinks about you. Join both worlds with the correct mix of tools that will assign to your individual or legal entity the desired qualities. Building of your reputation is a long-distance run and one of the most precious things you can gain in business. Take good care of it before any unexpected critical event takes it away from you.


Press conference, press foyer, meeting with clients or partners, road show? No problem. You say when and for how much, we know how to do it. An event for you from us includes all from A to Z – creative proposals, strategic planning, selection of suppliers, monitoring of costs, comprehensive production and execution, including medialization.

Media Academy

Are you stressed out about a meeting with a journalist? Or do you have excessive respect towards the camera? No problem. PR Clinic will train your managerial team, so they would easily handle a press conference or an interview with a critically attuned journalist. The training program includes also internal communication training or the basics of journalism and overview of your media market for a better understanding of your media partner.

Spokesperson Services

Spending fixed costs on an internal spokesperson or a PR manager does not pay off for all. Therefore, in case of unexpected or temporary communication need, outsourcing the services of media representation is the most efficient solution.

Investor & Stakeholder Relations

Behind everything you (do not) reach in business are your decisions. And at your side there are people standing, with whom you (do not) have to communicate about them. We know that this form of communication is many times of existential importance and therefore we give you a piece of advice: One of the best decisions is to hire a quality PR agency.

Internal Communication

Importance of internal communication does not grow in direct proportion to the size of an organization. It is always important. The employees have to understand the goals and visions of the management and interconnect them with their personal perspective. If internal communication works well, even the entire company is functioning. We offer outsourcing of all internal communication tools and lead the managers to a successful change management. They do not say in vain that employees are a company’s walking reputation. Be careful then about what you transmit to them and how you treat them.

Online PR and Search Engine Marketing

Whoever is not online, does not even exist. That is where your customers or critics are, whom you need to listen to attentively. We know this and so we offer you a comprehensive range of online solutions. We are the guard dog of your reputation in the intangible world.

Public Affairs

The rules in our picturesque country change sometimes overnight. But not always in the way we or our clients would want them to. Early identification, planning and reaction to opportunities and risks arising due to regulatory decisions are therefore of vital importance. Legislative monitoring, communication with institutions and subsequent steps included in this exercise can bring you a better sleep.


Life is not only about products and services and responsible companies know that earning money is not everything. Money can be used also to leave a footprint so that not only shareholders and employees would benefit from your business, but even a wider circle of people who are many times dependent on the assistance of others. Let yourselves be advised on which area of corporate social responsibility is the most suitable for you and boast only when it is charitable. Work for the communities, towns or the planet and the business will pay it back to you not only with a good feeling.

Creative Services

We had to move from the original office because our employees were drawing on the walls too much. Later on, it proved a better solution to establish a creative division for them. AdClinic brings all kinds of creative solutions (not only) for your ATL and BTL campaigns.

Media Planning and Acquisition

Where, when and what and mainly for how much. The most important questions in planning of your media campaign. Our network of exclusive media partners will help us to answer to you all these four questions in an optimal form.

Intelligence & Research

Whether you are planning an acquisition, expansion, mapping of the marketplace or searching for other perspectives, you will not do without quality information. Owing to a long-term and high expertise of our team, we are able to quickly and precisely get the game going for you in the market you have in your viewfinder. Because knowing is not commonplace, but rather a privilege.

Product PR and Brand PR

Media have long not been an exclusive place, where you sell your products. You have to reach your customer where he finds himself at that time and with the tools he is prone to respond to at the moment. Communication of a product or brand must go hand in hand in order to make a tasty mix consisting of online PR, social media, event management or classical tools.