About us

PR Clinic is composed of an experienced team of professionals prepared to do their utmost in order to meet the communication targets of clients from all sectors.

Our DNA carries encoded mainly strategic PR, corporate communication and communication crisis management. However, we are a full-service agency able to fulfil even the most demanding requests. Actually … the more demanding the better, since a fast and complex understanding of the clients’ business is a pleasure for us and for clients a competitive edge.
The company was founded by Juraj Danielis back in 2010. From one desk and one telephone in fours years and without participation of any investor or international network, it became one of the strongest agencies in the market.

We are the bulls in the Slovak PR industry because we know there is no such thing as a magic wand. All there is, is just utmost effort to the benefit of the client.

Our blood group is PR positive. We are PR Clinic.

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11 years of PR Clinic
15 710 articles and reports about our clients
40 460 hours of consulting
640 press conferences
288 820 lines of written text